by Mike Masnick

How Would You Like A $39,000 Phone Bill?

from the a-bit-of-a-shock dept

It's no surprise that more and more people are victims of identity theft, but many people don't find out until they apply for credit or some other random thing happens. It's not often that a victim of identity theft suddenly finds themselves the recipient of a $39,000 phone bill. That's what happened to one guy, whose identity was stolen and used to purchase three phones via AT&T Wireless. In the course of one week they rang up $39,000 worth of phone calls, at which point the "um, that's a scam" algorithm kicked in and AT&T Wireless shut down the account - but still mailed off the bill, which was probably quite a shock to the guy who received it. After talking it over with them, though, AT&T Wireless has (of course) said they won't charge the guy for the calls.

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