by Mike Masnick

Can Sony Return To Greatness?

from the a-long-way-to-go dept

Sony used to be the innovator when it came to consumer electronics. We've now reached the twenty-fifth anniversary of their crowning achievement, the Walkman, and Sony is looking more and more like a weak follower than a market innovator. So, now, Sony is trying to reinvent themselves to bring them back up to the forefront of consumer electronics. Of course, if they're just catching up with others, it's not going to go very far. What I don't understand is why they haven't really pushed forward with creative digital music offerings. They do own a music label after all. Why aren't they selling MP3 players that come pre-stocked with MP3s and extras of their top artists? It seems like such an obvious convergence play. Pick some popular genre, brand the actual device to match that genre, stock the MP3 player with some of their hit tracks and some live recordings or remixes, and include some others in the package - such as access to an online "fan club" or something and sell it at a reasonable price.

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  1. identicon
    Munich, Oct 1st, 2003 @ 2:13pm

    That Common Problem of "Silo" Divisions

    My (admittedly limited) knowledge is that the different groups are silos and there is little communication, and sometimes downright hostility, between the groups (this is not unique to Sony and I have personally experienced it at several Global 500 companies).

    To break through this requires leadership from the top (which they are working) as well as cultural changes, which are more difficult to come by. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it off, and I hope they do.

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  2. icon
    Mike (profile), Oct 1st, 2003 @ 2:19pm

    Re: That Common Problem of

    Yup. I agree absolutely that that's where the problem comes from. However, they DO all come together at the top, and so someone at the top should be in charge of making this happen.

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  3. identicon
    jp, Oct 2nd, 2003 @ 4:36am

    Re: That Common Problem of

    yes, but....the music people will be saying to the topt hat they don't want MP3 players since they can play downloaded music..... Who wins?

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  4. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, Oct 2nd, 2003 @ 7:56am

    If Sony wants to recapture their greatness...

    ...they need to start shipping computers that can rip mp3s.


    Funny how a company that got it's start copying cassett and VCR tapes can completely lose sight of what consumers want after buying a large part of Hollywood.

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