Orbitz Files For IPO (Again)

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Slowly, but surely, the dot coms are starting to peak out onto Wall Street again. Online travel site Orbitz (which is owned by a bunch of the major airlines) has now filed to go public. They did so once before, and ended up pulling the deal, but it appears more and more of the surviving dot coms (such as RedEnvelope) are feeling comfortable about leaving their private lives behind. While I'm no fan of IPOs for the sake of an IPO, having the IPO window open for tech companies is going to help the overall industry recover. It means VC investors will be more willing to open their wallets - as one of their major exit strategies becomes viable again. That will encourage new companies, new products, and new growth.

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    JimmyLiu, 18 Sep 2003 @ 6:53pm

    To Mark Sigmatel price $15

    Do you know where can I get ipo online right now? I used get ipo from witcapital and etrade?
    Signmatel is look hot ipo, but it's hard to get in the ipo party.
    IPO News and Updates Search IPO News
    Audio system-on-a-chip designer SigmaTel prices at $15, the high end of its price talk

    SigmaTel, a provider of advanced audio semiconductors used in MP3 players and PCs, priced its 10 million share offering at $15, well above its official $11-$13 per share range and at the top of the deal’s price talk, which had been set at $14-$15 earlier in the day. Merrill Lynch is the lead manager on the deal. The stock is expected to open for trading on Friday on the Nasdaq under the symbol “SGTL”. SigmaTel represents the 6th technology issue of 2003. The five prior tech IPOs this year have produced an average return of 64%.

    SigmaTel is getting lots of attention since it is the leading supplier of chips for portable MP3 players and has seen its revenues skyrocket after it starting shipping the latest generation of its MP3-optimized chips in the second half of last year. Since that time, it has increased quarterly revenue from less than $5 million to nearly $20 million in the most recent quarter ended June 30, 2003. It also is on track to report its first full year of profitability after three straight years of substantial losses. The rapidly growing chip designer has design wins with many of the world’s top selling MP3 player manufacturers, including Philips, RCA and Samsung.

    View IPO Profile: SGTL

    Price talk for MP3 chip designer SigmaTel moves to $14-$15

    In what is expected to be one of the hottest IPOs of the year, the price talk for advanced audio semiconductor designer SigmaTel (SGTL) moved to $14-$15 on Thursday, just hours before the official pricing is expected to be announced. That compares to an official range of $11-$13, which was already above an original filing range of $9-$11 that was set back in August. SigmaTel is getting lots of attention since it is the leading supplier of chips for portable MP3 players, products that have been selling like hot cakes around the world and should be big sellers this holiday season. While the company did not yet disclose the higher pricing range in an SEC filing, the price talk indicates where the underwriter is likely to price the deal, which in this case will probably be $15 per share. Merrill Lynch is the lead underwriter on the deal, which is expected to price tonight and open for trading on Friday on the Nasdaq. The company still plans to issue 10 million shares.

    View IPO Profile: SGTL

    National Financial Partners kicks off the fall IPO season by pricing at the high end of its range

    National Financial Partners, a consolidator of financial services firms serving high net worth individuals and corporations, priced 9.067 million shares at $23 per share, the high end of its IPO range. Selling shareholders accounted for 5.6 million of the total shares sold in the offering. The deal has received a great deal of attention not only because it is one of the first IPOs of the fall season, but also because it is led by CEO Jessica Bibliowicz, who is the daughter of Citigroup’s Sandy Weill. Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch acted as joint book-running managers on the deal. The stock is expected to open for trading on Thursday on the NYSE under the symbol “NFP”.

    View IPO Profile: NFP

    P&C insurer United National Group files to go public

    United National Group, a provider of specialty property and casualty insurance for social service agencies, filed to go public on Wednesday. The Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands based company generated $162 million in net premiums earned over the past twelve months and is rated "A" by A.M. Best. Merrill Lynch is the lead underwriter for this deal.

    View IPO Profile: UNGL

    Drug developer CancerVax announces IPO terms

    CancerVax, a biotech firm developing drugs for the treatment of melanoma and colorectal cancer, announced the terms for its IPO on Wednesday. According to an amended SEC filing, the Carlsbad, CA based company plans to offer 6 million shares at a range of $12-$14 and has a proposed market cap of roughly $350 million. Lehman Brothers is the lead manager for this deal and will be assisted by Citigroup, Thomas Weisel Partners and USB Piper Jaffray. Timing has yet to be determined.

    View IPO Profile: CNVX

    Archived News Headlines
    American Equity Investment Life files for an IPO 9/15/2003

    Pre-swung golf club retailer 2nd Swing withdraws IPO yet again 9/12/2003

    Drug developer Eyetech Pharmaceuticals files for an IPO 9/12/2003

    Defense contractor DigitalNet Holdings announces IPO terms 9/12/2003

    Transportation services provider Overnite plans to raise $400mm in its IPO 9/12/2003

    Biotech firm Tercica files to go public 9/12/2003

    Recycled auto parts provider LKQ Corporation announces IPO terms 9/12/2003

    Buffalo Wild Wings files for an initial public offering 9/11/2003

    Biotech firm Genitope announces IPO terms 9/11/2003

    Schlumberger’s former automated chip testing equipment unit NPTest re-files for an IPO 9/10/2003

    Glass bottle maker Anchor Glass announces IPO terms 9/9/2003

    Biotech firm Advancis Pharmaceutical announes IPO terms 9/5/2003

    IT products distributor SYNNEX plans to tap the equity markets 9/5/2003

    Student loan processor The First Marblehead Corporation plans to go public 9/5/2003

    The White House has been acquired 9/5/2003

    Leasing company Marlin Business Services files to go public 9/5/2003

    Chip packaging provider Tessera refiles to go public 9/4/2003

    Shoe maker Converse withdraws IPO due to merger with NIKE 9/4/2003

    Integrated mixed signal chip products supplier AMIS Holdings plans to raise $475mm in IPO 9/2/2003

    Financial services broker National Financial Partners announces IPO terms 8/29/2003

    Transportation services provider Quality Distribution files to go public 8/29/2003

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    Jimmy Liu

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  • identicon
    Orbitz Files For IPO (Again, 20 Sep 2003 @ 9:17pm

    Orbitz Files For IPO (Again

    How can I get the orbitz ipo?

    Jimmy Liu

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