Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

SCO Says All Linux Is Pirated

from the lovely dept

If you're going to make outrageous claims, you might as well go all out. The latest move by SCO is to claim that anyone using Linux is a copyright infringing pirate, and should prepared to be sued. While it looks like they're taking an RIAA-style strategy, the real reason they're probably doing this is to try to scrape together some money before this house of cards collapses. They're sending out letters to commercial Linux users telling them they're guilty of copyright infringements, and if they don't want to face charges for "pirating" software, they need to pay up for a license fee. The idea, I guess, is that they're hoping a few companies will just pay up to avoid dealing with the issue, and it will let SCO scrape together some cash while others fight on against this silliness.

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    LittleW0lf, 21 Jul 2003 @ 4:16pm

    Why Not?

    Hell, I am a music pirate even though I have never used napster, morphius, or any other p2p file server, but like listening to indie music. I bet I am a movie pirate because I don't go to the movies. I know I am a TV pirate because I don't watch commercials (or TV for that matter.) I am probably an intellect pirate too, because I have a brain and use it for thought instead of mindlessly droning about. Why not software piracy because I run Linux?

    Do I get to become a felon for that too? Man, I'd love the thought of no more jury duty, no more voting privileges, no more abilities to find a good paying job (or any job for that matter.) Then I can get to doing what apparently they want me to do best, be a criminal like everyone else.

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      Anonymous Coward, 21 Jul 2003 @ 11:30pm

      Re: Why Not?

      And with recently introduced federal legislation SCO would also be able to also direct FBI SWAT teams to go kicking down the doors of Linux 'felons' all over the country. That'll teach 'em!

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  • identicon
    nomouse, just lynx, 22 Jul 2003 @ 8:03am


    the world goes berserko over the sars virus, but how come nothing happens when this idiot management virus keeps re-appearing ?
    or is it genetic.... ?

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