by Mike Masnick

Applied Digital Moves The VeriChip South Of The Border

from the less-regulation-down-there dept

Remember Applied Digital Solutions and their VeriChip implant? This is the company that lied about receiving FDA approval to put chips in humans, and later ignored the few rules the FDA did give them. They also sued one of their own creditors after they missed out on a loan payment. Apparently, things were getting a bit to sweaty in the US, so they've decided to head south of the border. They've launched a promotional campaign to get people "chipped" in Mexico. It sounds like they're promoting it in Mexico to be used to store medical data - which was exactly the thing the FDA told them they could not do in the US.

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  • identicon
    Beck, 18 Jul 2003 @ 11:35am

    No Subject Given

    "Kidnappings, robberies and fraud are common here, and Mexicans are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves against crime."

    How will this device help for kidnapping, robbery, and fraud, except to identify your body? I have a friend who was kidnapped in Mexico. He was chained to a bed for two months. Now if this thing had a radio transmitter it would have been great to help find him, but it doesn't, so they need some other marketing idea. (My friend was released when his family paid a ransom).

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    sandra d. richards, 5 Mar 2004 @ 8:50am

    i was chipped without my consent

    someone has used me for a while as a gineypig, later as god started revealing things to me i began to research information, and what i found is everything my spirit told me was correct, i'm part clyborg under someones power and authority, i want this device removed at once, please help me my life is in the hand of a person whom's destroying my life literally. My children were taken, without me ever being heard by a judge.
    please help get this device out of me.

    Why was I chipped
    whom authorized it
    also i wonder if my children have been injected without my consent.

    Please help where can me and my family go to have this investigated..

    signed Family Chipped Illegally without Consenting to this device insertion

    reply to elder richards
    28 perry street 10-f
    stamford, ct 06902
    leave message 203-595-9813

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    Anonymous Coward, 13 Nov 2006 @ 8:41pm

    The chip may be detrimental to your health as well. If you are subject to many digital signals this thing may alter your health.

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  • identicon
    smythy, 16 Feb 2010 @ 3:21pm


    i am not sure but i think i have a chip in me to without my consent i was taken in to hospital by paramedics in the summer i think they put it in then

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