The Real Can You Hear Me Now Guy (Or Woman) - Part II

from the when-will-it-stop? dept

Almost a year ago we posted a link to an article about some of Verizon's real "can you hear me now?" technicians who drive around in specially equipped trucks. Thanks to the wonders of Google, for a long time people who were searching on "can you hear me now guy" were being pointed to that page, and there are a number of comments from people asking how to contact the guy and/or what his name is (no, I don't understand why any reasonable person would assume that I would know the answers to those questions, but visitors-from-Google often make odd assumptions when they land on Techdirt pages - see this page, this page or this page as examples). It turns out that Verizon doesn't like to let that information out. When a news organization tried to find out, they were pointed, instead, to yet another real "can you hear me now" technician, who says that all of her friends now begin phone calls to her with "can you hear me now?". Amazingly, she hasn't punched any of them yet (she says she still chuckles). Of course, she doesn't actually have to go around saying anything. They've got computers for that, now. I still find it interesting that each of these trucks also is testing competitors' networks as well.

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