by Mike Masnick

The Keys To Ending Music Piracy?

from the first,-change-the-language dept

Business Week has an "opinion piece" saying that the "key" to stopping music downloading is for the industry to educate and not alienate consumers. Of course, there are a few problems with this strategy - starting with the terminology used throughout the entire article (and used way too often by the industry as well). First off, they assume that all "downloading" or "burning" must be "piracy", when that's not the case at all. They also assume that people are so stupid not to realize that copying a digital file means no one is missing anything - which seems to be the number one requirement for "theft" to occur. Honestly, the way that the music industry could end downloading "piracy" is by finally embracing the technology, realizing it isn't piracy at all - but rather an incredibly cheap and efficient promotional and distribution mechanism.

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