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The latest technology to show up when it comes to digital rights management of music on CDs is being released in Japan by Sony. These CDs will have a mechanism that forces you to go to a website and pay nearly $2 per song to make a copy. It's a little unclear how the system works, since they say people can still listen to the CDs normally and copy them to casette tapes or minidiscs. While I'm not sure what sort of fair use rights there on in Japan, I can see how this would violate fair use in the US. What if I want to make a mix CD for myself with music I have legally purchased? Suddenly I need to pay much more?

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    alternatives, 22 Jan 2003 @ 12:24pm

    No Subject Given

    To answer the question Mike:

    making anyone other than the buyer who wants to listen to music from the CDs pay a small fee on the company’s Web site.

    Now, what will happen in 20 years when the computers or web site that supportes the feature is gone is another matter.

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