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by Mike Masnick

RIAA Spins Copyright Bust

from the spin-spin-spin-spin dept

It's really quite amazing how the RIAA likes to spin stories about copyright. My favorite has always been how they compare anyone who downloads a song to someone who walks off with a CD from a store - and then adds that into their estimates on how much music piracy "costs" the industry. However, the Register has found another interesting twist in their latest press burst following the breakup of a CD copying ring in NY. Clearly, it looks as though these folks were pirating CDs, but the RIAA does their best to make it sound much worse. While only 156 CD-R burners were actually found on the premises, the RIAA claims that they were the equivalent of 421 CD-R burners, because some of them ran at higher speeds than your everyday CD-R burner. A very creative use of mathematics, it seems.

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  • identicon
    dorpus, 16 Dec 2002 @ 2:51am


    Techies applaud the pirating of music, but seem less amused when commercial software is pirated and cuts into their job security. I do not hear techies complaining that anti-piracy technology for software is "useless".

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    • identicon
      Joe Schmoe, 16 Dec 2002 @ 8:01am

      Re: Inconsistency

      It is relatively useless and you don't hear us talking about it because we've grown up and gotten over it years ago...

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