Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Silicon Valley Fights Back

from the go-Zoe-Lofgren dept

Hal Plotkin, over at SFGate has his take on the new consumers' rights bill introduced by Zoe Lofgren, saying that consumers have no better person standing up for their rights than Lofgren. That's good to know. He applauds her for trying to change the debate on the issues from technology vs. Hollywood to one of the rights of consumers. He hopes (though, I'm not yet convinced) that proposed legislation like this, backed up by Lofgren, will help get the issue out to consumers who can bug their Congresscritters into supporting it. What I still don't understand is why Lofgren and Rick Boucher (who introduced a similar, but - in some ways - significantly different bill) haven't tried to team up and present a more united front.

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