Interview With Ray Bradbury

from the video-games-are-male-ego-crap dept

Salon is running a great interview with Ray Bradbury. The first half of the article just talks about how Bradbury is "hot" in Hollywood these days, as they're working on a bunch of movies based on his writings. They also talk about how his books (mainly Farenheit 451) have done an excellent job predicting (inspiring?) a number of technological advances we take for granted today. Yet, for the most part, he considers that to be a bad thing. His books were about how troublesome technology could become - and a lot of that (he believes) is coming true. He's very opinionated and not shy about that at all. He says that video games are "male ego crap". He hates the internet, saying it's a big scam by computer companies, but later says he loves all "arts" and talks about how much he loves movies and theater. Definitely an interesting read.

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