by Mike Masnick

Consumer Reports vs. Epinions and Deja

from the old-world-vs.-new-world dept

Salon compares the old world of Consumer Reports to the new internet ways of Epinions and Deja.com. They point out that Consumer Reports is the second most popular online subscription (next to the Wall Street Journal) and has stood by its policy of charging for content and not allowing any advertising whatsoever. Deja and Epinions seem to laugh that off as being fairly quaint. Of course, take a look at which of these companies is laying off people and which are humming along just fine, and you have to wonder who will have the last laugh. I'll admit that Consumer Reports might not always be able to get away with charging, but for the time being I certainly don't see Deja or Epinions being serious competition for them. Careful scientific testing vs. consumer ranting doesn't necessarily lead to the same results.

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