Hyundai Drivers To Get "Exclusive" Radio Content

from the whatever-happened-to-joe-isuzu dept

Orbitcast points to an article that reveals Hyundai buyers that get XM Satellite Radio installed will get a special “Hyundai channel” available only to them, created as part of the deal to get the car maker to offer XM as an option. The original article pretty much says it all: “Why would anyone listen to the “Hyundai channel” over the dozens of other satellite channels? The company hasn’t figured that out yet.” Yeah, a hundred and some channels covering just about anything somebody could want to listen to, and they’re going to choose to be bombarded with Hyundai marketing — after they’ve already bought the car.

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Comments on “Hyundai Drivers To Get "Exclusive" Radio Content”

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1 Comment
Precision Blogger (user link) says:

I'd love to have this challenge, though!

The problem of course is that if the channel is really good, why not sell it for everyone? And if it’s not good for everyone, why would Hyundai buyers want to hear it?

But suppose Hyundai carefully profiles its buyers, and tailors the channel programs to their interests. The channel should have no Hyundai ads at all, but should have shows on how to repair Hyundais, how to drive them best, frank comparisons to other makes, etc.

Add good GPS-aware travel advisories and weather, some quick-breaking news reports, and you might get your listeners. Bear in mind that Hyundai car owners would enjoy one-upping their friends, “Oh I heard it first on the Hyundai channel.”
– the Precision Blogger

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