Three Australians Arrested Over Alleged $60 Million In Music Piracy

from the just-great dept

Well, it appears that the US isn’t the only nation that is looking to throw college kids in jail for (oh no!) listening to music. Australia has now done a copycat action and thrown three students in jail and charged them with $60 million worth of piracy. They’re hoping to throw these kids in jail for 5 years. At what point does the music industry realize what a huge mistake they’re making? They’re basically alienating their biggest fans for wanting to promote their music for them. The record industry deserves to die if they honestly believe that these three students are causing $60 million worth of harm.

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Comments on “Three Australians Arrested Over Alleged $60 Million In Music Piracy”

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VonSkippy (user link) says:

We deserve what we're getting.

The RIAA and the rest of the music industry treat their customers like mindless drones that will line up with money in hand whenever the latest formulated marketing crap music is released – and they are RIGHT. People (a.k.a. music listeners) need to rub a few more brain cells together and vote with their dollars. Organize a COMPLETE show of force by getting EVERYONE to stop buying music and movies for a week. Just one week with out purchasing the mindless drivel will show the industry that the consumer is the KEY element to keeping the bottom line healthy. But it will never happen, sheep.. I mean most people like being shoved around (hence the popularity of most religions).

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