Running Out Of Greek Superlatives

from the kilo-mega-giga-tera-peta-exa...? dept

The Financial Times has a story saying that the rapid increase in email over the past few years has created an interesting problem: what Greek superlative can we use to put before “byte” in describing just how big our storage devices are? We’ve run through kilo, mega, and giga. Tera, peta and exa are next on the list, but no one is quite sure where to go from there. I’m not really sure the increase in email specifically has anything to do with it, but the article does bring up good points about being able to better categorize, archive, and search emails. All of that reminds me that I need to check out ZO?, a program that has been described as allowing you to Google your email.

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Comments on “Running Out Of Greek Superlatives”

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wonko (user link) says:


I gave Zoe a shot today. Hated it. The interface looks wonderful in the screenshots, but in practice it’s confusing, irritating, and inconsistent. Documentation is nonexistent, aside from a short and unhelpful FAQ, and despite claiming to be able to read IMAP mailboxes and import mbox mail files, I couldn’t get it to do either. With a bit of work, I managed to get Zoe to import one small mbox file, but for some reason searches returned no results and I couldn’t access any of my messages via the interface (although they were stored in a complex and confusing directory structure under the Zoe directory; not that this does me any good).

In short, it probably works great for people who don’t mind the interface, know exactly how to use it, and only set it up to sit between their client and their POP/SMTP servers, but for what I needed, it sucked.

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