Selling Body-Based Advertising Via eBay

from the tattoo-me-up dept

Life imitate stupid commercials, it seems. A few years ago there was a horrible (though, funny) commercial for where they joked about getting to the “kids” early by tattooing “” on the foreheads of little children. It seems someone has taken that idea and run with it, as a guy is offering to sell the “advertising space” on his forehead to the highest bidding advertiser via (what else?) eBay. Meanwhile, I’m not sure if this is the same guy or what (no names used in this second story), but the Register has a report of someone trying to use eBay to auction off tattoo-able space on… more restricted areas of his body. Of course, if this were still the dot com boom time, within days we’d see a site up called or something where anyone could make a little extra money by agreeing to wear the tattoo of the highest bidder. Hopefully this is a one (or possibly two) person trend that will die a very quick death.

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