No VC? No Problem…

from the who-reads-the-news-anyways? dept

We’ve discussed the phenomenon of being young and unemployed, but how about young and self-employed? All you have to do is rack up $35,000 on a handful of credit cards when you’re 22 years old, then hope that people want to buy $89 digital cameras from you. Did I mention the panic attacks?

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Comments on “No VC? No Problem…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Oh man

Poor guy.

Tip #1: Don’t name your company after yourself. When it goes bankrupt, you’ll have ruined your *own* name.

Tip #2: Put up a web page and test market these suckers first to see if anyone would buy them. Cost: About $50 for web space and a domain somewhere. Don’t worry about not having any to ship; don’t charge folks to purchase them, but see if anyone would complete a purchase.

Tip #3: If you manage to get a story in the paper about your company, at least have a way for folks to buy the thing from you if they like it. What’s his url?

msykes says:

Re: Techdirted!

Okay we know how sites get Slashdotted, but this one was Techdirted. Got partway through the story, clicked on the picture, and then the server was no longer able to fulfill any requests.

He didn’t even include a URL in the article though? That’s crazy… man obviously doesn’t have an ounce of business sense.


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