Metallica Sues Napster

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This one I think is pretty silly. The band Metallica is suing Napster and three universities for not blocking Napster. This is ridiculous. First off, suing the universities for not blocking Napster is stupid. Why don't they just sue every ISP for not blocking Napster? Or, how about the US Gov't for supporting the internet in the first place? All the computer companies? They must be to blame somewhat as well. Also, I like how Metallica claims that for each copy of the song they are losing $100,000. Somehow, I doubt that each person who copied a Metallica song would have paid $100,000 for it otherwise. If anything, I think Metallica is probably going to piss off more people this way, whereas before, at least people were enjoying their music.

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    Mr.White, 15 Apr 2000 @ 10:48am


    Freaks hacked metallica's site yesterday [i think], it is on They left a msg 'leave napster alone'. Being one of my fav bands, I have respect for them, they want to be incontrol of the media they put out. What is wrong with that? They have major talent and their music [no matter how good] should not be distributed [aka pirated] thoughts. [is backup]

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    Whoever, 15 Apr 2000 @ 11:50pm

    Let's see here...

    First off, about the comment above, *cracked*.

    Now, I like metallica, when i heard Master of Puppets, i fell in love, i bought most of their albums... The last few have been... different, to say the least, but i still pretty much like them. And so i would like to say, i too respect them, as musicians.

    But let's face it, they don't know shit about shit when it comes to anything but writing lyrics, music, and touring. So my advice to metallica is to stay the hell away from what they don't understand.

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