Proposed Law Demands Federal Agencies Just Do Something About Data Breaches

from the looking-out-for-us dept

In the wake of the embarrassing laptop thefts at the VA and the Census Bureau, it was only a matter of time before some politician moved to pass a law to “do something” about the problem. Politicians, of course, love to appear as if they’re doing something to help right past wrongs, so it’s almost surprising that it took until now for Rep. Tom Davis to introduce the Federal Agency Data Breach Protection Act. You’d think with a name like that, the law would actually try to solve the data breach problem, but again, it’s all about appearance. If you actually read the bill (.pdf), you’ll see that there’s nothing substantive in it; it’s just a call for agencies to develop guidelines to deal with the problem. If federal agencies actually needed a law to spur them to develop guidelines, that’s depressing. What’s more likely is that the whole thing was cooked up to make Tom Davis, and whatever other Representatives sponsor the bill, look good during election season.

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