Now We Need To Worry About VoIP Spam

from the uh-oh dept

We’re still trying to beat down spam, and people have been getting increasingly worried about IM spam and SMS spam, and all of a sudden one company is warning us that the rush to VoIP systems may lead to VoIP spam. In other words, once VoIP is just an app on the network, it shouldn’t be all that difficult for someone to write a script that would basically spam a voice message to millions of VoIP systems. Of course, the company discussing this problem is bringing it up because they’ve now patented a solution that they claim will stop VoIP spam. All this really means is they’ve made clear the technique that future VoIP spammers are now figuring out how to work around.

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Comments on “Now We Need To Worry About VoIP Spam”

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Till Radermacher says:

I worried about VoIP spam

Hi Mike, I wrote my diploma thesis on this topic (VoIP Spam). Attached you find the abstract. If you are interested I’d be happy to give you further information.
This thesis discusses the spam problem and presents possible solutions for making voice
over IP networks secure to spamming.
Spam has been an annoyance for communication via E-Mail since approximately six years. However, there is almost no spam in voice over IP networks since they are not very common yet. With the growth of these networks verbal communication that is virtually for free to a large community becomes possible. The same was true for written communication via E-Mail six years ago. An emergence of spam like it happened to
E-Mail in voice over IP networks is to be prevented in any case. Providing theories
and methods for preventing this is the focus of this thesis.

Till Radermacher says:

Re: Re: I worried about VoIP spam

Hi again,
as there seems to be some interest in my thesis and I already sent it to some of you guys I might as well post a link here. You can find my thesis at

If you got any questions or comments please send me an E-Mail to (my firstname is till, my surname is radermacher).



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