Are Computers Good Or Bad For The Classroom: Dueling Books

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Earlier this month we wrote about a review of the book Never Mind the Laptops, that argues persuasively why schools need to give laptops to every student. Now, we have the other side. Here’s a review of the book The Flickering Mind, which argues that computers in schools have been a dismal failure, and we should spend more time getting better teachers into schools. Of course, I don’t necessarily see the two books as being diametrically opposed. The second book does admit that there are some cases where computers in schools have been used well, but immediately gives credit to the teachers instead of the computers. This sounds like the same old argument from many years ago, about whether or not technology should be used in the workplace. There are always examples of technology being used badly – but that doesn’t mean all technology should be banned, but rather, that people who will be using the technology should be better trained to get the returns it can provide.

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Comments on “Are Computers Good Or Bad For The Classroom: Dueling Books”

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pb says:

Re: Re: Re: The Third Volume

I don’t disagree, but feel a need to point out that our public schools are waaaaaayyy down that slippery slope and have been for years. Funding, mandatory state-wide performance initiatives and well-meaning yet over-zealous parents (probably like me) have all contributed to a token treatment of the arts in public education.

Scott Bake says:

The Flickering Mind

The Flickering Mind belittles technology and research in favor of the racist cult teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian born occultist who wrote that African races were at the lowest stage, Asian races were the second lowest and European races were the highest, with Aryans on top of the heap.

I think that’s the wrong direction–they tried that in Europe under Hitler and millions of people died.

Karisa Lambert says:

Reports and Research

i am doing a report for my 11th grade class. We will be having a debate on the good and bad parts of technology in the classroom, Our side is for the good things of technology in the classroom. If you will please e-mail me some information about the good side of technology to help my report to it would be grately appreciated

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