Always On Email For The Palm

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One of the bad things about wireless connectivity with the Palm is that you couldn’t get “always on” email – so that it alerts you every time you get an email. That’s one of the nice features of the Blackberry. Now, however, Motient is finally going to announce a modem for the Palm that allows for always on email. Of course, it’s still a lot bigger than the Blackberry, and not designed for the same purposes, but it certainly could make the Palm a lot more useful for some people. For me, all of these solutions are just temporary ones until they insert the always on modem directly into my brain, when the emails will just flash before my eyes.

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Comments on “Always On Email For The Palm”

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1 Comment
John Bartley (user link) says:

Always On Email for the Palm

Well, the Motient sled’s be around in Oz for a while, so the hardware and linkware is likely solid. Motient claims to have better coverage than Palm.Net’s carrier, Mobitex, and certainly 19.2kbps of Motient is preferable to 8kbps of the Palm Seven.

However, $50/mo is $600/yr, which is a Samsung SPH-i300 plus three months of Sprint PCS service, so I think it’s a bit spendy.

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