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PC Projections Look Ugly

from the not-buying-at-all dept

People looking at projections for PC purchases in the near future don’t see anything to get happy about. Someone at Toshiba has said that he’s hearing stories of companies telling their employees not to bring laptops home – and instead giving them blackberries or mobile phones to make the laptops last longer. However, people seem to think that the combination of Windows XP and a typical 3 year upgrade cycle (the last major upgrade cycle was preparing for Y2K) may help boost the PC market again. Update: Well, now, IDC has come along and is predicting that we won’t see much of a PC recovery until 2003.

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Comments on “PC Projections Look Ugly”

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Ed says:

Re: Sounds fishy

I read the article and I still don’t quite understand the “don’t take notebooks home” bit. Am I to understand that the company has a pile of portable computers that they’re not allowing to be used in a portable fashion, or does it really mean that they aren’t purchasing everybody new laptops unless the employee has more justification than just occasional email?

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