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  • Feb 10th, 2012 @ 3:10pm

    Backhand deals by RIAA

    The new .music TLD is part of the new business model for the RIAA, and a great way for them to raise revenue. Part of the deal with any organisation wanting to own the .music TLD involves paying the RIAA part of each registration fee and renewal fees, which could amount to $millions in the future, and after the TLd has been allocated, the bid winner can 'sell' it on after 6 months, so the RIAA could end up owning the .music TLD... or Sony Music, BGM, Warner

    I know as I was part of a group who meet with the RIAA end of last year looking for their support which they promised to our group if we would cooperate with them.

    Same rules apply for many of the other TLDs which will be created including .movie, .news etc