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  • Jul 14th, 2018 @ 8:49am

    Use of Ad Blockers

    I made a proof of concept about the fact that the majority of malware or virus infections are sourced from ads online ten years ago in a book on Rootkits. I found a way to block ALL ads from my computer. You don't have to use an actual blocker, although they can be very effective. The means to do it is entirely free of costs. Google or use your favorite search engine to find these:
    1.) Get the MVPs HOSTS file.
    2.) Spybot Search and Destroy v. 1.6.2 (The old program, not the new one that includes an antivirus.)
    3.) Spywareblaster v. 5.5

    You can learn more by checking my profile here:

    These will eliminate ads from your computer. They are not detected as adblockers. Can you see that these outfits that ask you to disable your adblockers are actually urging you to not use protection while online? Idiots!

  • Dec 31st, 2016 @ 6:46pm

    Advertising Online

    Over ten years ago I had proof of the primary source of all viruses and lots of malware online. No one would listen. Now everyone has encountered malvertising. If you want to increase your total security for free just go to my website and check the Blog for an article titled "Addons Means AdsOff." Gets rid of all ads. I am a published computer security author as well, and a former MVP (4 years). Is there anyway that I could send a message to the web sites that block people using adblockers, to inform them that they will be blocked and blacklisted as long as they are not paying me/us to show me/us their ads. It's MY computer. If they want their ads on it, they can pay for it. Just an idea. Probably won't catch on. Maybe users should start presenting web sites with EULAs so we can sue their sorry heinies when we get dirty by visiting their sites. :D