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  • Feb 19th, 2014 @ 6:24pm

    Re: Re:

    I got that impression.

  • Feb 19th, 2014 @ 6:18pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Tweet Detweeted (errata and PS)

    That was supposed to read, "Before you dig your hole any deeper" in that first paragraph.

    Also, as a PS: Before you go digging up your old, "But I have a mental handicap!" argument and pull out your anxiety disorder to justify why you are being a total prick, you are NOT the only one.. As you are aware yourself, it's pretty damned common. I have anxiety issues and am a recluse too.. I'm also a traumatic head injury case and have been on disability for most of my life due to mental illness.. You are NOT alone and you are often having fucking arguments and fits with people that might have some of the same issues you do and are sitting there feeling picked on because you thing they are bullying poor disabled you. Not only that, but you should it should be more clear than fucking daylight that if you have issues, they might be affecting your perception on things and you should really try to be as objective as possible.

    So before this breaks down anymore on your "Poor fucking ME!" crap anymore, let me coin one of your own phrases and tell you Boo-fucking-hoo, Cry me a fucking river.

    EVERYONE else: I apologize for my language getting more harsh and richer on my use of profanity, but I swear like a drunk sailor in my everyday life, don't believe in censorship and I haven't seen anyone else avoiding swear words, so I hope it won't be taken as anything more than 'flavor' by most of you.

    Back to you DSmart, in your case, Please, of fucking please, DO be offended by my language.

  • Feb 19th, 2014 @ 6:09pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Tweet Detweeted

    Just GO AWAY!! You already said you were done with this, which sounded an awful lot like the whole comments thread here... It would be your best idea... Just back away.. Heck, I'll give you a better suggestion.. Back away.. Just ignore this whole shit for a while.. Not an hour or a day, but I'm talking a week or two... In addition to letting the dust settle some because you dig your hole any deeper or choke yourself to death with your own foot, but it will give you time to do the following:

    1.) Talk to some friends you trust about this and ask them for their honest objective opinion on it... assuming you aren't so much of a fucking prick that not one of your friends would dare be honest with you.

    2.) So get some fucking counselling.. You obviously need it and a counselor might be able to get the point across that you are failing to get from 50% of the people you think are attacking you.

    and finally,

    3.) Take the time to figure out how you might be able to do some real damage control on this which does not involve threats, censorship or long fucking discourses about how you are ALWAYS fucking right.

  • Feb 19th, 2014 @ 5:39pm

    Re: Re: Re: Tweet Detweeted

    Correct, Twitter does NOT remove tweets.. Infact, if you know how to do a proper @(something) -@(something else) and so on type search there you can see WHOLE conversations and not just the ones that show on the recipient's end, so it is quite clear to everyone that knows how exactly how coversations go down and comments that are 'blocked' don't get kept from being posted, but just don't know on the blocked feed.

    I really get the impression that the man thinks that just blocking someone shuts them up because he can't see it... Him blocking my 'Personal Attack' tweet has not prevent anyone from seeing it, other than him.

    And as far as WHY he thinks you are in collusion with folks? It's because he's paranoid.. He thinks EVERYONE on Steam including all the moderators he didn't hire himself that were undeleting posts and stuff are all working together and being directed by the man he plans to launch the discovery or legal action against... We are friended now just cause we have shit to talk about and find we have some things in common, but he didn't friend me till after Mr. Smart had already accused me of working for his possee and banning me from the forum.

    He is completely unable to fathom that he really could be pissing this many people off with what he's doing or that he could in ANY way be in the wrong for any of it, so to him, it only goes that he's up against powerful enemies that sigging ALL their henchmen and friends on him, like that kinda shit really goes on on a regular basis, everyone able to spare the time and effort at the drop of a hat because one of their friend's is pissed... In the real world they typically get told "SO what if you are pissed? Not my problem. Cope!" or something to that effect and they don't go spending hours of their time getting involved in a fight they have no personal interest in.

    He's convinced I'm working for a possee leader out to ruin him.. He cannot believe, no matter how many times I've repeated myself that I just hate trolls, draconian censorship, and libelous assholes so much that his trying to block and honest review as abusive set me off, and I'm extra infuriated because I used to defend his right to be an arrogant prick as one of his fans, but that has been fading since Universal Combat came out and none of his games have EVER lived up to the promises or hype or even his idea of what they actually are.

    In this case, he keeps talking about the only reviews being fair are the ones that play the game the way he intended.. In otherwords, think like him.. He doesn't give one rat's ass of concern for the idea that people might want to play games differently than the way the designer originally intended or the idea of there actually being 'choices' in a game.. His idea of choice is BIG environments and many ways to do things but not any real choice in any kind of a meaningful way... Mostly sandboxes.

    But getting back on topic, the fact that I did once admire him, defend him and even idolize him because has had the tenacity and motivation to push out his games and I've been spending 25 years just planning to make games and never getting started. Though that has given me 25 years to STUDY game design, play 1,000s of games to research their mechanics and elements and dozens of fully fleshed out game concepts, but it hasn't put food on my table or shown the public any of my visions. I feel extra ired at what someone I once admired has turned out to be or that he made his attacks personal against me, a fan. It is like being betrayed by a friend. It hurts extra, and it leaves a long lasting sting and I can assure you this isn't the last time he will hear from me or that I will show up in one of his trolling rants.. He's made an enemy out of me now and I'll dog him any chance I get. If he wants to sue me, all he has to do is ask for my contact info and serve locate the case in my home town and I'll see his ass in court any day.. I've done Paralegal work and my father is an attorney.. I am no stranger to a courtroom and I don't tend to lose cases... I've had cops suspended for their outragious behavior in a courtroom after failing to prosecute me in what looked like open and shut cases to them always on the grounds that they failed to prove ANYTHING because they flat out didn't follow proper proceedure or collect one bit of evidence other than their word against mine.

    You get all this DSmart? I hope so, cause if you actually comprehend any of it, it might shed a little light on just how skewed your views are from inside your box.

    Anyway, I'm done.. I've rambled long enough and think I've more than explained what's going on as well as where I fit into this picture.

  • Feb 19th, 2014 @ 4:45pm


    Won't be missing my name or putting in the wrong one anymore, though I went with my handle when I registered rather than continuing to use my real name - KF.