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  • Feb 1st, 2010 @ 6:53pm

    verizon SUCKS! THEY CHARGING ME OVER $1000

    My family and I took a trip to mexico on our way we called verizon to check on the plans they had(12/17/09). they got us convinced and we got a plan of 2100 mins to be used while in mexico, we backdated and it was finished. A week later i received a text message saying that i had overages i called and they told me that i had over $400 worth of text messaging because i backdated since i had no messaging plan anymore i got charged for all the messages used from the 26 of november on. since thats when my mins renew. I was mad and told the person i called that the lady that helped me get the plan told me there wasnt gonna be other charges that she never told me i was gonna get charged for all those messages. So they offered me a 5000 messaging plan for $20 for two lines that had texted the most but still got charged overages because one of the lines was over 5000txts. a couple of days later i called because i was wondering if i could use the 5000 messages while in mexico. a lady attended me and told me that she would be glad to help me with that information. she placed me on hold while she got updated on anything new. she came back and told me that something new had passed since the 19th that now we could text without getting charged just taking messages off the 5000 plan. i was surprised and said "really wow this made my day" she replied "yes sir you can text freely now just dont go over your messages" so i began texting. now that my bill has processed i see a charge of $1114.56!!!!! i did get charged for those messages i called in today and i talkd to a supervisor too they only offered a 25% discount on the roaming charges because of the "simple mistake" (as the supervisor called it) their people made. bringing the bill to 970 dollars which is still the same!! what can i do.. please help pleaaaasseeee!!!! :(