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  • Mar 11th, 2010 @ 4:48am

    Yes, READ

    Yes, actually READ the FTC complaint. Old news. Very old news. Would it make a difference for anyone to know that LifeLock is registered ISO 27001 SINCE January 2007? That is platinum standard! Does that impact the credibility of accusations that they don’t protect data. And scare tactics? The IL AG mentions IN THE SAME press conference the huge data breach problem. In December 2009, Albert Gonzalez sold 130 million credit cards wardriving. ONE gang that was caught of thousands of people here and abroad working to get YOUR information. We can’t be concerned enough! You might not want LifeLock services but working with ID theft victims as an advocate, you bet I do. I know what those services are and I will remain a LifeLock member. And while a judge has decided that I can’t hire a third-party to place fraud alerts if I (me, myself) want to for every member of my family, every 90 days (do the math and it would well be worth it to me if I could), it is ignorance not to use fraud alerts as at least ONE tool to help protect my information. Law enforcement knows full well id theft is a massive problem. They also know the prosecution rate is so abysmally small that it is much easier to be ‘id theft champions’ by hammering those who are trying to do something. And yes, the thieves are happily at work knowing that even less attention is paid to them and their victims.