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  • Jun 16th, 2020 @ 7:19am

    The harassment would've happened quicker

    but the seller of the live spiders, bloody pig masks, cockroaches, and pig fetus didn't disclose that they were actually being shipped from China.

  • Sep 6th, 2019 @ 9:31am

    Did I misread?

    I know the article was about the published statistics of refusals in the past, but I don't think police care much about the big picture statistics.

    What is more concerning to me is on an individual level they will already know who refused because they're seeking footage from a specific "geofenced" area, and with one visit to the "crime scene" can figure out which buildings have Ring doorbells facing the area, and see what footage he received from their request for the "geofenced area of potential useful footage" and easily determine who didn't submit it.

    As an aside, if cops only have access to footage that is uploaded to a social media app (Neighbors) or specifically requested and approved like this, I think a lot of past coverage (not necessarily on TD, but everywhere) was a little over the top.

    ... Of course police have access to public posts made on social media.

  • Feb 11th, 2019 @ 9:24am

    Spotify Podcasts

    If Spotify chooses to exclusively wall off podcasts entirely from other platforms, these deals are not great in my opinion.

    However, a podcast I listen to regularly (The Joe Budden Podcast) was picked up by Spotify about a year ago, and the only thing that changed was that the "episodes" are exclusive to Spotify for only 2-3 days, then the podcast still releases on YouTube. If Spotify chooses to go this route with all of the podcasts that they buy up, I don't see any issues with it.

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