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  • Jan 18th, 2012 @ 9:47am


    OK, Heres what I did. I got an email also from Charter stating that I had infringed on 2 copyrights, which I had, and the settlement amount was $400.00 for both titles. I settled, not wanting to worry everyday about getting "something" in the mail at a later date. What I did was create a temporary email addy, opened up a post office box, settled anonymously (which copyright enforcement group allows you to do)with a postal money order. I mailed this to them with all my temporary info; email and po box. Received my letter from them yesterday releasing me of the infringements. Will close out my po box and delete my temp email addy. I know a lot of people on here say just to ignore it, but the email I got from Charter had me pegged. I feel much better than having to worry every day about "if" they are going to follow through with the threat, which they have done in the past. Maybe they will or maybe they wont. Hope this helps someone. As of now, they have no info on me except my ip addy.