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  • Nov 1st, 2010 @ 5:47am

    Who's denying whom here?

    Wait wait wait... Apple approved the app. "Free" software people noted that restrictions on their license would not allow it on a platform tainted by DRM. The developer asks Apple to remove it to remain in compliance, and Apple will comply.

    And Apple is the bad guy here?

    They did not deny or censor this app. Others are doing that, and using some sort of world-bending logic to say that Apple is at fault for not following their worldview. I'm fully in agreement that Apple is often draconian in their app store rules and the way the apply them, but they make a case (you may feel it's reasonable or not) that apps must be signed in order to protect their users. (Remember, even Google occasionally bans and even remote-deletes offending apps.)

    The control in this case is coming from the Free Software folks, not DRM-loving Apple.