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  • Jul 12th, 2009 @ 11:11pm


    I am new here and found this forum while searching for some answers regarding intellectual properties, stolen ideas, etc. I would really appreciate some insight into my issue, even though I am pretty sure what the answer will be....however, I'm hoping I'm wrong in this case. Here is my issue:

    My ex-fiancee is a German Citizen, I am a US citizen -- He has a company in Germany and was in partnership with another company here in the US during the time we were together -- we broke up later on, but were still friends at the time the idea occurred -- at any rate, he is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and while he isn't actually a physicists, studying energy, how to harness, how to manipulate it, etc. is his hobby.

    During our entire relationship he was always trying to invent one thing or another in relation to energy, etc. and of course, would discuss his findings/road blocks, ponderings, etc. with me -- hence I developed a pretty thorough understanding of the different theories on energy.

    Since his company develops imaging software, cameras, etc., he was also always discussing information regarding roadblocks, etc. he stumbled on within that area as well.

    While I am not in any way shape, form or fashion a physicist, I do have an extremely high understanding of the mechanics of things -- not necessarily in fixing a toaster, but in understanding and visualizing mechanical concepts/theories (this may not be exactly the correct wording, but it's the best I can come up with at 1am) So, once I have a basic understanding of how something works, I can see it in my head, and generally -- via common sense, an uncanny insight into the working of things and whatever weird thing that happens in my brain to make me suddenly simplify the most complex thoughts -- I can come up with solutions. He was always calling me the most brilliant woman he ever met and dumb ole me pretty much thought he was just trying to make me feel good, but in hindsight, I think a resolved a lot more issues than I realized (call me idiot savant if you wish, lol) -- which was why he would bring me into his lab so much only to pound me with ?'s about what did I think he should do.

    In regards to this particular incident, his issue was with an astronomy camera he was developing for mfg worldwide that he could not get the radiation levels down low enough to pass worldwide radiation laws (by the way, the camera is on the market and has made great strides on viewing stars, planets, etc. within the astronomy community) -- anyways, he explained to me his issue and asked me how I thought he might resolve it. Since I was used to this type of conversation, and knew all about the new camera, etc., it wasn't hard for me to come up with an idea that ended up not only resolving his issue with the radiation, but one that he has expanded to something so huge it is scary........but scary good for the world if it works out the way I believe it will.

    So, finally, here is my question, do you think there is any way I can get credit for my part of this invention or even have a right to try to?

    He has just recently patented it (I stumbled on the new patent) and the premises is based solely on my idea -- however, he had to do quite a bit of work to get the idea from just that to what it is today; yet, had I not shared my ideas with him -- he would not have anything to patent at this time........nor would his camera be working so well if at all -- so I do believe I should at least get credit; however, once I gave him this idea, and within a couple of months afterwards he abruptly ended his partnership with the other US company, left his employees high and dry (the partner company ended up having to absorb them, and did not have a clue as to why he severed ties so abruptly) - then went on to tell his children (both in college) they would be disinherited if they approached me (which was extremely extreme and very unnecessary I thought at the time)-- but all makes weird sense when you consider the potentially world changing nature of this invention.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this note, and thanks especially to anyone who might share some insight -- like I said before, I may be royally screwed, but I feel I deserve recognition of some type. BTW, I am currently unemployed so no $$ in the coffers to hire a lawyer at this time to look into this matter.

    Thanks again and sorry this is so long!