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  • Aug 17th, 2012 @ 7:01pm

    Not always the case

    Apparently you're not an MMO gamer at all. In World of Warcraft you have a paying subscriber base which for the most part is completely rancid. Constant complaining and crying about just about everything. In Guild Wars you play for free and you hear way less complaining and crying. In Lord of the Rings Online you have both free and paying subscribers and hear a lot of complaining. Mostly from the ones paying and how they are being treated. The big factor in this is the company and how they listen and react to their customer base. If you listen to your customers you will hear less complaining from them and they will be far easier to deal with. If you ignore your customer base then you will get exactly what you deserve. Tons of complaining and negative feedback. The pay vs. free is irrelevant.