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  • Nov 27th, 2012 @ 7:20pm

    True sprint fraud

    I wanted to let you know about the fraud perpetrated on me by sprint. Where they gave me a contract to keep me has a customer for a hotspot with unlimited data for 29.99 and then after my 14 days was up to cancel me hot spot and phone they tell me that they will not honor the contract but will gladly give me a plan for 59.99 for 6 gig. Hear is the letter I sent to every corporate email I could find for Sprint I still have not got a response.
    Tress Chapin

    I walk in to your San Diego on Oct 30th to cancel my service. In order to keep me has a costumer the store employee offered me a overdrive hotspot with unlimited data for $29.99. It shows up in my account but it has never worked. I have taken it into stores all across the country and everyone has just blown me off. I call customer support and was told the network is having problems and will be fixed on the 16th still not working. Finally at the sprint store in Rochester NY Vince took the afternoon to dig into the problem and found out the my account was not right he put in his notes that the account would have to be deleted and set back up again.
    I called customer support giving them this information and they keep telling me there was nothing wrong with the account. At the end of the first hour I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told to hold. A women came on the line and just started to go over the same garbage has the first guy. I get her to read the notes or so i think and she tells me that she has deleted the account and set up a new of course is still does not work. At the end of the hour I find out she is not the supervisor. And I demand to talk to a supervisor she puts me though to Johnathan Moore he tells me his employee number is jo697522. He informs me that no one could have deleted my account and restarted it. That account services can not even do that without me giving up my plan with the unlimited data. He will however have account services call me. I ask for his information so I can call him back to make sure he was not lying to me also. He tells me I can call 866-556-7310 and give them his employee number and they will put me though to him. So I call right back and it's another lie.
    The women I talk to this time tells me that I can't keep the plan I was contracted for that I now have to switch it to $59.99 for 6 gig. She put me though to Alvan Gray her supervisor he admits I have a unlimited contract for 29.99 on my contract but refuses to honor it and would be happy to set me up with the 59.99 plan. I told him to leave it just the way it is and I will be sending all this information to every tech blogger I can find and every newspaper because it is out and out fraud a classic bait and switch. I will also be forwarding this to the Atorney General for California. And he terminated the conversation. Every time I call you say the call will be recorded please review the tapes to see that I am telling the truth about everything. All I want is what I am contracted for.

    Tress Chapin

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    The latest is that they would gladly cancel my hot spot that has never worked and because they are a kind company they will not even charge me a early termination fee. However they will not cancel my phone contract that I went in to close which prompted them to offer me the deal.