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  • Nov 3rd, 2009 @ 5:31am

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    TDS should move itself up to Boston, MA... apparently Verizon doesn't want the millions of potential customers and wants to leech off the copper network at the same or higher prices that FIOS customers pay for next generation services. The precondition for Verizon to compete in their most competitive region (NY Metro) was that no other company can do line sharing the way it was on DSL. Fine, they got their concession, but in return what did consumers get? They got higher prices and anti-competitive moves and lack of innovation. Cherry picking and deployment commitments full of loopholes in exchange for video franchises. The time is now for these smaller carriers to cherry pick the best of what Verizon is casting off to the likes of fairpoint which WILL FILE BANKRUPTCY very soon and wipe billions of Verizon debt from it's books. Then once the best of MA is cherry picked, move onto Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, Washington DC, etc.