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  • May 6th, 2010 @ 4:51am

    Sirius not happy with FCC

    Read Mike Masnik's column and you'll know why.

    First, "Net neutrality" is a euphemism for "Fairness Doctrine". "Fairness Doctrine" is a euphemism for Government control of content. Control is what this FCC is all about.

    They are going beyond what those who would be using this bandwidth allocation asked for. That's what Mel Karmazin is rightly concerned about. The government just can't stand the idea that some part of the spectrum--and more importantly--its content is not under their control.

    If you value your internet freedom, run as fast as you can from being sucked in by those pushing "Net Neutrality".

    Those who value that freedom can only hope that when the issue of the FCC's authority over the net gets before the Supreme Court, that it won't be under the total spell of a court dedicated unleashing an even more controlling government.