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  • Mar 21st, 2013 @ 9:38am


    In Germany every external hard drive sold includes an additional tax that ultimatelyo pay to the copyright cartel. Same with document scanners. It is assumed that every customer who purchases an external drive or document scanner is going to feverishly copy content illegally. What this tells me is that the copyright cartel not only sees the cloud as a threat, but will lobby governments to include a level of tax on cloud services that will be paid to royalties societies. Not every country will do it but politicians who receive campaign contributions from the cartel will no doubt support it and roll over.


  • Mar 21st, 2013 @ 4:36am


    Ive used iGoogle since it was first released into the wild. When i read they were to discontinue it, but that i could continue to get that functionality from Chrome.. enough was enough - i refuse to be brute forced into using more Google software and services. Combined with the fact they have become the worlds largest intelligence agency and all their recent shenanigans like blocking off youtube access to WP devices, i switched everything over to MS. Im now happily using MSN (my.msn.com)for my RSS feeds and whilst MS are not perfect, at least with MS i know that i am not the product. Was remarkably easy to switch and find all my cloud communication services with MS are much better integrated than with Google. Ive also started using Bing for search and found its good, sometimes better than google, although i think google still has a slight lead. I still use youtube but hopeful other platforms get more traction and diminish youtubes position.