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  • Sep 23rd, 2011 @ 12:00am


    "and now we have particles moving faster than light"

    No we don't. Re-read the article and try to remove the sensationalist headlines. Pisses me off that media does this, because it results in people spreading it around as fact when it clearly is not. Note what the actual scientists who made this discovery said, not what else is written in the article. In short, no one knows how the neutrino's arrived 60 nanoseconds fast than light over that fairly vast distance. That has to be studied before we can factually say "we have particles moving faster than light". Most likely, they aren't. There are other ways this could have happened. One idea of many is perhaps there is an unmeasured bowing/flexing of the earth that caused the illusion of the particles arriving sooner than light would have. The amount of time they arrived sooner was so infinitesimally small, the bow/flex of the earth (if that was the cause) would only need to be equally infinitesimally small to cause the delay. Again, that's just one of many possible causes, all more likely than the neutrinos actually traveling faster than the speed of light.