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  • Nov 15th, 2011 @ 12:38pm


    Seriously, you're an incompetent idiot spewing incoherent and irrelevant BS. The big point Mike is trying to argue is that SOPA gives individuals and companies far too much power in deciding what can and can't be published online and removing legal discourse for falsely accused parties.

    "As for "big tech companies", let me assure you that, if X had not happened, Y would have. We might have a different landscape today, but there would be something there."

    The above paragraph is so utterly ridiculous I don't know how to even begin to talk to you about why it's wrong. Simply put, there wouldn't be any x OR y if SOPA (and future laws once we start down this slippery slope) are enacted. If I invent and begin running a company that uses a bleeding edge new technology or business model that simply makes an incumbent nervous, they can cry "IP infringement" and instantly get me blacklisted from the internet. And because I would be a small company starting out, I would lack the necessary funds to properly fight my case in court.

    Might want to take your MPAA/RIAA name tag off before jumping in this group again. It's clearly evident who you support.