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  • Jul 7th, 2010 @ 4:40pm

    blood in the streets

    These cameras are from an Australian company that supports the Queen of England. Two hundred years and the Brits are still taxing us and we are putting up with it. A few states are judicially declaring these things unconstitutional. For the posters here that advocate taking them out a round to the 2 inch thick plexi will not do it. The locals in many areas just put a tire over (tyre) one of the arms fill with gas and light it up. does the trick every time. Additionally tickets are being thrown out because if the car is registered to a company, govt, or such then the notice often does not even get sent. (no equal justice under the law). Where I live the local hoodlums (freedom fighters?) just steal cars an run the poles right over. but three tickets will pay for a new pole and camera. I wrote letters to the chamber of commerce of the city that has them and each business near them telling them I will not be doing business where I have to pass through any such robo-tax red light systems. And then I spend my money elsewhere. As the late great George Carlin said... nothin is gonna change until there is blood in the streets.