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  • Jul 14th, 2009 @ 7:19pm

    Re: Full Albums Only

    Sorry, but there's not many bands out there capable of producing an entire album of material that I'm willing to listen to - much less pay for. Most albums are full of bloat and filler since the days when the labels used to actually invest in musicians - it was called artist development and today, that totally doesn't exist.

  • Dec 20th, 2007 @ 7:35am

    Apple vs MS? No Comparison

    Anyone who would compare Apple to MS in the light of this article clearly has an MS agenda.

    Fact: MS has a customer satisfaction rate of ~26% (their internal numbers)
    Fact: Apple's customer satisfaction number consistently hover above 60%
    Fact: When my 17" PowerBook G4, which I purchased in Feb, 2003, went down last month, Apple replaced the $1000 motherboard for $300 (AppleCare had run out long ago)
    Fact: MS tried to charge my wife $300 for a new copy of XP when she lost her restore disks in a move even though she had proof of purchase (she loves the iBook I bought her after I chucked her Dell in the trash)
    Fact: Initial 2007 holiday shopping reports show Apple products dominating consumer electronics purchases

    This is a great company that makes great products. One of the reasons their products stand out has been Apple's ability to release new products without copycat competitors being able to discern what's coming around the bend and beating them to the punch with watered down rip-offs.

    Some of Think Secret's reports threatened Apple's advantage in this regard and since Apple couldn't track down the source internally, they gave Think Secret a nice wad of cash to walk away ("amicable" = i got enough cash that I feel good about this deal). Win/Win.

  • Dec 6th, 2007 @ 11:39am

    Vote The Bums Out Of Office

    Let's continue on with the #1 parenting method in the US which is increasingly disenfranchising our children and destroying the future of the planet.

    How much do we pay those vapid fools in congress to run our country? How could anyone think it's ok to pass laws which further celebrate the ills of society? I don't know, but the odds aren't bad that the "butt wadd" in Nebraska who shot a bunch of people had parents who allowed the media to babysit him instead of actually paying attention to him.

    if (vapid congress = less civil freedom) and (lazy parents = less civil freedom) and (evangelical right wing nuts = less civil freedom)
    then (vapid congress + lazy parents + evangelical right wing nuts) = (group sent to colonize Uranus)


  • Jul 17th, 2007 @ 6:30am

    How does MS Stay in Business?

    How can a company which averages a 26% Customer satisfaction rating (MS' internal numbers) stay in business?