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  • Jul 18th, 2013 @ 12:15pm

    Publ;ic Resource. org v SMACNA

    so, those of you that think that and the EFF is on the side of the angels here are actually ok with the government taking your income? As a techwriter I create some documents that are valuable and that others are willing to pay for when they use them. So, as in the SMACNA case, the government decided those documents and standards were good, and incorporated them into a regulation. EFF and PRO are saying that the creator is now not entitled to get anything for the product and users get it for free. That's stealing and freeloading. Why should anyone bother to create the product in the first place? Seems like there should be a reasonable debate around the ownership rights of content creators and whether the government or thieves like PRO should have the right to sieze that property and give it away. At least have the issue litigated in open court instead of PRO just economically overwhelming a group like SMACNA that couldn't afford to defend itself or the principle.