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  • Dec 29th, 2011 @ 1:33pm


    You know, I have some sympathy for Paul.

    I am a business owner and there are times clients try my patience. I have never gone so far as Paul has, but I have fired clients in the past when they have been too challenging to deal with.

    I also have friends who are fellow business owners and who have done far worse than what Paul has done. In some cases, these people have been sued and lost their businesses literally over unfortunate comments said on a bad day.

    The thing about Paul and guys like Paul is the reality is that they never really go away. Even if Ocean Marketing goes under, he is going to have another business at some point, along with clients to go with it. He will learn a lesson from this, and probably adjust his game at some level so that he's not as much of a monster.

    But entreprenurial types are wired that way and pursue opportunities to the extent of their abilities. If it's not in gaming, it will be real estate. If it's not real estate, it will be finance.

    Fredyl, a friend of mine who worked on Wall Street, is someone who talks and acts a lot like Paul. The kind of attitude Paul used with poor Dave is the sort of thing Fredyl was expected to do everyday. He moved on and has repositioned himself in banking, doing outsourced lead generation with a team of about 6 people who work for him. He's still the same guy, but he learned to take that attitutde down several notches through the experience.