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  • Nov 3rd, 2012 @ 1:10am

    Re: Re:

    I've several youtube accounts, only to keep my many and varied interests separate and one for business purposes.

    However, my real name a/c is constantly spammed by a linked gmail a/c and so I never log in to that one.

    My name, like yours is easily searchable (unusual). 'Emily Rogers' last Wii 2 rumours (well, sort of)' ring any bells? or your comment (nice one) on some story regards a bar girl in Seattle? Together with much more info, and that's through just one 'people search' engine and 2 minutes.

    No. I don't want my real name published where all and sundry can 'look me up'.

    I did think the writer of this article's saying 'If you want a reason to hate humanity, just spend 20 minutes looking through the comments on Youtube :D But it does depend on the video's subject matter ... sometimes. I've learned some stuff through other people's commenting, and they mine. But not that much though ...