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  • May 29th, 2010 @ 4:42am

    libraries in UK

    i am not sure if the same occur's alse where but here in the UK as well as borrowing books you can also borrow movies & music!

    you used to be able to access video tapes & audio cassette's but these day's you can borrow Blue ray disc's, DVD's, cd's of music & audio books.

    so i guess each time someone borrows one of those items that is yet another lost sale.

    FFS when will they leave the public alone and just face the facts that their biz model is NOT working in anyway!

  • Aug 7th, 2009 @ 3:36am

    (untitled comment)

    wouldn't it be good if some independent record labels began to run their own bitorrent trackers then we would have ethical/legal filesharing or maybe one run within RIAA HQ by some lil geek in a broom cupboard with only a monitor for light!

    One thing above all over that seems to get forgotten is that humans SHARE .

    Almost everything we do is centered around sharing either experiences or knowledge.
    Even when we were cavemen & we discovered the DRUM what did we do?
    went back to our colony and SHOWED OFF OUR NEW SKILL!
    there by SHARING the experience so that OTHERS CAN DO IT TOO this then progressed to groups of humans gathering in one place and joining in with the drumming patterns they have learn with this new fancy object.
    Now in the 21st century when we share music we run the risk of the people in control(the dictators!) saying that if we share new music with our friends and anyone else that it is wrong & illegal and we will be taken to court!

    which is the same as one tribal chief going to a neighboring tribe and taking all their food on the premise that they took/stole a drum pattern without permission
    if this had occurred back at that time we would probably not have the wide variety of music available today.

    RIAA back off and work out a new damn business model based on ethics and sharing which seem to me to be the two most important qualities which you guy's seem to ignore because humans are sharing animal by nature.

    BUT WAIT A MINUTE lets go to the other extreme and imagine a world where you have enforcers paroling everywhere looking for illegally shared music!
    They strut about as if all music is theirs and make criminal out of those busker's on street corners who sing & play a guitar SO THEY CAN SHARE THEIR PERSONAL FAVORITE SONG, then what's that oh no some has company in his/her living room & they are listening to her/his music THATS SHARING which is illegal

    piss off RIAA
    why don't you go do something less boring instead!