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  • May 19th, 2014 @ 2:03pm

    Re: "The Amazon Patent"

    Why should ANY entity be able to copyright a photographic technique that's been in use for decades? I've lit coliseums for Steve Jobs so my lighting skills tend to be strong and infinitely variable yet, based on a list of factors, I use no specific lighting setups. I light it as it needs to be lit without consideration and certainly without giving this lame BS a second thought. On a given day I might perchance use this exact technique but it would be because the scenario calls for lighting of this nature - with no thought given to this diagram. I certainly don't need to copy Amazon's drawing but could be I'd end up with the same setup.

    This is not simply an issue of Amazon "only" copyrighting one specific photographic lighting scenario but the fact anyone would ever be allowed to call a commonly used technique their own unique creation - utter nonsense. It's almost definitely a FACT this exact same setup has been employed by some photographer somewhere.

    The big issue here is ? If you can copyright a technique that's been used for over 50 years, uh, what TF is next...

    So what if this outrageous copyright applies only to a white cyc with the specifics mentioned above? I've got dozens of portfolio images shot on a white cyc like thousands of professional photographers. Why should any photographer be restricted in any way when it comes to lighting an assignment as one sees fit - period.

    An old saying in photography is every photograph has been made previously which is likely fairly accurate. Somewhere, some place somebody has photographed just about everything using an infinite array of lighting techniques, most likely including this exact setup.

  • May 19th, 2014 @ 1:11pm

    re white background

    I've been teaching lighting technique for 30 years and in the biz now 40 years. One of the very first techniques I learned and have now taught for 30 years was how to shoot on a white background since one of my early heroes - Richard Avedon - created such dramatic photographs on white.

    This is OUTFRIGGIN'RAGEOUS! This is like getting a copyright on "Drawing a stick figure" or a copyright on the entire city of NY, etc. Ridiculous and decades too late. What a bunch of bozos at the office to allow a giant mega-company to copyright a basic technique all of us - even the oldest photographers still working - have been using for decades - practically since studio photography began.

    It's crystal clear these mega-companies are trying to control the world and all see big bucks in photography. Since the Gettys and Gates have now bought up most of the world's stock agencies, I suppose greedy corps like Amazon are trying to figure a way to get in on the profitable action. (profitable to the mega wealthy, at least)

    I hope like hell the major photographic organizations in America will challenge this ridiculous copyright attack and push for a boycott of