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  • Apr 26th, 2013 @ 3:41pm

    Re: Re: (as James Crowley (structuregeek))

    That would be The Diecast, a spin-off podcast from Shamus Young and the rest of the Spoiler Warning cast. (Shamus is also a columnist for the Escapist.)

    This is actually a great example of what Walker was talking about, as the one episode of The Diecast so far that didn't feature "terrible SimCity news of the week" had one of the hosts actually Googling for news in mock disbelief that there wasn't any. The only new story he spotted at a quick glance was EA's announcement of the SimCity launch for Apple computers. Which is precisely Walker's point: the strategy of silence made it easier for EA to control PR and lure in more customers for a fundamentally broken game.