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  • Mar 19th, 2013 @ 2:53pm

    Re: Re: Re: What this is about

    [W]e don't need to understand the subject matter to know that creating false identities to try to smear someone is sleazy.

    The Tablet Mag article linked by "Hot Corn" above states:

    In 1993, Avi Katzman, an Israeli journalist, published an interview in Haaretz in which he pushed Schiffman on the similarities between his work and Golb’s previous writings.

    “But you also, in different articles that you published, have not hesitated to appropriate portions of Golb’s theory without acknowledging as much, and without giving him appropriate credit,” Katzman asserted.

    “This isn’t the issue,” Schiffman responded. “There’s no innovation in Golb’s theory. … Golb can say what he wants... Does he think that he wrote the Bible?”
    Some of the commentators on the various sites discussing this scandal don't seem to get it. If Schiffman had been seen molesting a child, would it have been sleazy to create "false identities" and send out a confession of child molestation in his name? Would that be a "smear"?

    Either some of the commentators don't feel that plagiarism is a serious issue, or they assume that Katzman's accusations of plagiarism are false, and hence a "smear."