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  • Sep 10th, 2010 @ 7:35am

    Re: AC#28

    Since you seem to be so enamored of the question-barrage format:
    - If that "gate" isn't being used by passengers, why would I be there to see the dark hooded figure? (N.B. - I don't see latch or hinge in the corner, it may be that the resolution of the picture is insufficient to show any.)
    - How many crimes can be avoided? Do you have a reference to a double-blind study? Did you mean "averted?"
    - If I'm just passing by, why would someone who wishes to keep his/her activities clandestine be standing next to a well-traveled road?
    - If it's not a well-traveled area, what business do I have there? Am I a terrorist?
    - If I am a terrorist, and I turn in another terrorist conducting surveillance, is my cosmic slate then wiped clean?
    - Do you want to go with me on my next job?
    - Is the "gate" in the TSA picture entry/egress from the field? Even if it is, now that TSA has publicized that location, does it really matter if someone else has a picture of the same gate?
    - Door codes visible from a distance as they are being punched in? Discoverable using an SLR? This is considered a security measure?
    - Won't anyone think of the children? (You seem to have overlooked that one. You're welcome.)
    - When did it become the general populace's responsibility to save lives? Don't we employ "professionals" to do that for us? Are we overpaying them? Should they be looking for legitimate, respectable employment instead?
    - If it really is the general populace's individual responsibilitiy to save lives, doesn't that run directly counter to the New Testament admonition, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (KJV, John 15:13)? Would you deny those who might otherwise die the chance to express this greatest of loves? Are you a hater? Or do you (gasp!) not believe in the Bible?
    - Do you really believe that basic surveillance can be thwarted? Do you really not comprehend that by the very definition of "public," basic surveillance CANNOT be thwarted in a public place?
    - Where in the OP (or, indeed, where on Techdirt) is it stated that authority is bad? I can point to a multitude of references to the idea that MISUSE and ABUSE of authority is bad; can you point to one example to support your statement?

    Security is one thing, security theater is quite another. This is theater, and not a particularly good example.