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  • Dec 29th, 2013 @ 11:28pm


    I have been teaching various subjects in college for over ten years. I cannot stress further as covered above, testbanks are only available to instructors, and are prohibited by the publisher to be available to students. Knowing the internet, I know students will and can get a hold of testbanks for my classes. Which means as an intelligent instructor, I cannot depend 100% on a testbank as I may have done in the past. I use testbanks to assure that the subject matter I test for is within the objectives of the textbook and my class. I inform my students that I may use a testbank for some content, but the availablility of material on the internet makes it foolish to depend 100% on a testbank. Since it is illegal for a student to purchase or have possession of a testbank, I consider it cheating.

    I have many students who purchase the solutions manual or the teacher editions of the text from the internet. Which is perfectly legal to possess. The testbank hover is not.

    Some terms, I may have as many as 250 students to grade and manage from several classes. It is not about laziness, it is about assuring you get the best quality education. Some 200, 300 and 400 level courses are so specific like Operating Systems no single exam can evaluate your mastery of knowledge, I teach such courses with open book exams.